Date of Award

Summer 1986

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Burch, Thaddeus

Second Advisor

Karioris, Frank

Third Advisor

Browning, Larry M.


Experimental conditions suitable for quatitative measurement of an X-ray diffraction line by using a RIGAKU DMAX diffractometer system are studied. Quantitative measurements of integrated intensities of superlattice lines and fundamental lines have been made on the Fe3- x TxSi series. The relative intensities of superlattice lines are calculated from these data. The degree of disorder which is introduced by the change of positions between Si atoms and Fe atoms (or other transition metal element atoms) has been calculated. All corrections are considered and discussed. It is found that the fraction of B sites in a conventional cell occupied by Si atoms increases with the increase of the Mn concentration in the material but decreases with the increase of the Ni concentration. The fraction of A-C sites occupied by Si atoms increases with the increase of the Ni concentration. This suggests that the introduction of transition elements of higher atomic number than Fe in Fe3Si causes additional displacements of Si to an A or C site, while a transition element of lower atomic number than Fe enhances the amount of Si on B sites. Samples with transition elements V, Cr, Ti, Co were also studied.