Date of Award

Summer 1964

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Lee, Kiuck

Second Advisor

Greene, J. B.

Third Advisor

Berners, Edgar


This paper consists of a part of research work under Dr. K. Lee, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. ii This particular work discussed here is related to his investigation on the stability of pear-shaped deformations of nucleus. In Chapter I, the previous works by Lee, Inglis, Haertle and Kramer are reviewed with the specific emphasis on the Lee-Inglis form of potential in spherical coordinates. In Chapter II, the calculated single-particle eigenvalues and eigenfunctions and, diagonalization of perturbation terms are discussed along with the energy-level diagrams. Previous works by Haertle and Kramer are limited to a prolate deformation. However, oblate deformations are also studied in the present work since there are some evidences indicating such deformation are stable in some nuclei. The total nuclear binding energy and the stability of sample nuclei with various deformations are discussed in Chapter III. The results are summarized along with possible development of this theory in predicting the fission phenomenae in heavy nuclei are given in Chapter IV.