Date of Award

Summer 1986

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Browning, Lary M.

Second Advisor

Mendelson, Kenneth S.

Third Advisor

Pedrotti, Frank L.


The goal of this thesis is to obtain expressions relating the g-factors of the valence band with those of the acceptor's ground state, the first, and the second excited states. Of special interest is the ground state whose splitting is suspected to be negligibly small on experimental and theoretical grounds, but has not been directly calculated in the recent past. The unperturbed acceptor wavefunctions are initially obtained using an asymptotic form for the trial radial wavefunctions and following the method of Baldereschi and Lipari (1974) their angular dependences are ascertained. The Zeeman Hamiltonian is treated as a perturbation, and its matrix elements for the three acceptor states are calculated. Thereafter expressions relating the g-factors of the acceptor states to the valence band parameters are obtained. The g-factor values for the G-line and the D-line are seen to be close to each other but are greater than the g-factor values for the ground state.



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