Date of Award

Fall 1993

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Kincaid, James

Second Advisor

Ryan, Michael D.

Third Advisor

Danzer, Gerald


In this work, zeolite entrapped metal complexes were prepared and characterized with various spectroscopic methods. The metal complexes, metal phthalocyanines (MPc's) and Ru(bpy)22+, were of interest because of there photosensitizer and catalytic properties, respectively. Once the Mpc's were fully characterized as a guest in the zeolite, an electron acceptor was placed adjacent to the Mpc donor in order to promote an electron transfer. The radicals produced from this transfer were then characterized. For Ru(bpy)22+-Z, once the systems were characterized they were then oxidized to (bpy),Ru2+-Z with oxygen treatment. The oxidized (bpy)2Ru2+-Z is a strong oxidant useful in the oxidation of alcohols to ketones, alkenes to epoxides etc. In order to show the system is reversible, it was reduced with H,D, to (bpy)2Ru2+-Z and the system was characterized.