Date of Award

Summer 1979

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Ryan, Michael D.

Second Advisor

Pollard, Bruce D.


The enzyme nitrogenase which converts atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia and other nitrogeneous cell components in microorganisms has been studied intensely in recent years. Chemical models have been reported. Molybdenum and thiols (especially cysteine) are known to be essential components of nitrogenase. This work attempts to survey chemical complexes that can catalytically reduce Mo-thiol complexes electrochemically at the dropping mercury electrode (DME). The research includes the study of Mo(VI)cysteine, Mo(VI)-thioglycerol, Mo(V)-cysteine, Eu(III)-EDTA, Eu(III)l, 2-diamino-propane-N,N,N' ,N'-tetraacetic acid, Fe(III)-EDTA, hexammine cobalt(III) chloride, tris-(ethylenediamine)-cobalt(III) chloride, and tris-(ethylenediamine)-chromium(III) sulfate.



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