Date of Award

Spring 1958

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




A literature survey shows that there is no practical method for the determination of thickness of a film of wax in a micron range. Hence, investigations concerning the effects of various factors upon wax film have been, to date, purely empirical and subject to variabilities of personalities. It has been suggested by some investigators (1) that "two dimensional" chemistry may be involved when studying monolayers or even film thicknesses in the ultra-micron ranges. Asa result, much of the two dimensional chemistry belongs to the chemistry of solid state and the study of heterogeneous reactions. D. E. Beischer (1). J. G. Surak, J. R. Koch and D. T. Haworth (7) and other investigators have conducted experiments with deposited radioactive monolayers. Radioactive cobalt has been used by some investigators (4), (11), (17) as a tracer to be incorporated into wax formulation in order to study the effects of various vectors upon the wear qualities of a wax film. That technique will be used in this research. The principal vectors to be investigated are: "wind erosion" and radiant heat. Equipment for these studies had to be designed and developed specifically for this work.