Date of Award

Spring 1992

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Hoffman, Norman E.

Second Advisor

Haworth, Daniel T.

Third Advisor

Ryan, Michael


Sample injection volume is one of the separation variables in liquid chromatography and it affects resolution. To investigate the effect of sample injection volume on band broadening, we made injections of various volumes of a given eluite while keeping the injection amount constant, and these studies comprise the present thesis. The "Introduction" of this thesis states what currently has been achieved on this subject by other workers and provides background information. The following two sections describe how the data were obtained. The "Results and Discussion" section presents the reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography data obtained along with some regression analyses. It is hoped that this investigation will improve our understanding of the mechanism of the involved processes.



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