Date of Award

Summer 1949

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The work in this investigation is in line with a general field of study being carried out in the Chemistry Department, Marquette University - the preparation and testing of various fluorine-containing dielectric media. Dielectric materials must be stable under extreme conditions and the presence of several fluorine atoms in a molecule will often contribute toward the requisite stability. Recent wartime uses of fluoro-organic compounds have stimulated a rapid development of the chemistry of fluorine. Many of the classical organic processes have been applied to building up fluorine-containing compounds either directly or indirectly. The Prins reaction affords an indirect method -- the coupling of two smaller halogenated molecules, the one an olefin, and the other a saturated compound. Most of the work in the present study is of a preparative nature. Time did not permit a complete characterization of all the products and the study, at the most, serves to lay the groundwork for future investigations with the facilities and equipment which are available.