Date of Award

Summer 1951

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Douglas, John F.

Second Advisor

Drought, Ben

Third Advisor

Carroll, Joseph E.


Occasionally, it is desirable to synthesize a magnetic field which will possess definite characteristics. Often, mathematical conditions for the production of such a field can be set up. These conditions can seldomly be duplicated in practice, but knowledge of the ideal field enables the construction of a good approximation to the ideal. The purpose of this project are: (a) to determine the mechanism or boundary conditions which will produce an ideal field, (b) to set up a practically realizable field whose characteristics approximate those of the ideal, and (c) to contrast a radically different field with the ideal. The following paper is a report on the mathematical and experimental investigations carried out by the author to the achievement of these purposes. The particular magnetic field with which this project concerns itself is that produced by current carrying coils imbedded in a cylindrical iron surface. Such a field is used in magnetic separating devices. A device of this sort must remove ferro-magnetic material from a mixture with nonmagnetic material which travels on the surface. Hence, the radical force exerted on such material by the field is of prime concern.



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