Date of Award

Summer 1978

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The body image of stroke patients was explored through the use of a Body Cathexis Scale developed by Secord and Jourard. Twenty-two patients who had an initial CVA were asked to rate how they felt about 35 body parts and functions both prior to and following their stroke. An analysis of variance was utilized to test the significance of the difference between the pre- and post-stroke body image scores for each subject, the pre- and post-stroke mean scores for each of the 35 items, the pre- and post-stroke grand mean body image scores for the 22 subjects, and the pre- and post-stroke mean body image scores for the 22 subjects with respect to the demographic variables of age, sex, and area of involvement. The participants ·were more satisfied with the 35 body parts and functions prior to their strokes. Of the 22 participants, 17 had significant differences in pre- and post-stroke body cathexis scores. Twenty-two of the 35 items on the questionnaire were found to have a significant difference in the pre- and post-stroke means. The demographic variable of sex was significant when the poststroke mean scores of each subgroup were compared. The females had higher body image scores. While the males had lower body image scores, they also showed the greatest change from before the stroke to following the stroke, however this change was not statistically significant.



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