Date of Award

Fall 2006

Degree Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Schwartz, Matthew R.

Second Advisor

Harris, Douglas

Third Advisor

Praveen, Madiraju


In today's highly mobile society, which includes the medical device industry, an accessible yet secure computer system is needed. Computer security, as it exists today, is a patchwork quilt of products and security standards that have created "seams" and "soft spots" vulnerable for intruder exploitation. A solution is needed, one that is strong and robust. This solution does not have to be new products or new standards but can be created using already existing programs. One solution is to integrate the Defense in Depth Model with the Open System Interconnection Model to improve mobile user security. By linking these two models the three categories of computer system weaknesses: interception, interruption and modification are protected while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In addition, the solution must address the fact that the user end point may not be under a formal IT configuration or control and therefore the client application must work with minimal customer configuration, and have a simple installation process for Windows, Mac and Linux clients. The needs of the medical device industry such as picture archiving and communication systems PACS (see glossary) or thin client image review application give examples of how these two models can create a secure network for mobile users. This integration of security models will allow physicians to work anywhere in a collaborative secure environment to enhance patient care.



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