Date of Award

Fall 1991

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Radharamanan, R.

Second Advisor

Nigro, N. J.

Third Advisor

Matar, Joseph E.


This project provides a thorough insight on the paper cutting methods presently being practiced in paper cutting industries. The different stages in the paper cutting processes have been observed in the Consolidated Papers Inc., Wisconsin Rapids and samples have been collected from precision sheeted and guillotine trimmed processes. Samples have been collected in two precision sheeters at different paper thicknesses, roll diameters, pockets, clips, sample locations and slitter sections. Similarly, samples have been collected from two trimmers at top, middle and bottom layers of cut for different paper thicknesses for the purpose of investigating the factors influencing the paper cutting quality. The objective of this project is to identify the parameters that influence the quality of the paper cut using precision sheeter and compare this quality with that of guillotine trimmer. The samples collected have been analyzed for its squareness and waviness on edges using statistical techniques such as Analysis of Variance, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, and Surface Roughness Measurements. Based on the analysis, the parameters that influence the quality of the paper cut by these two methods of cutting have been identified and suggestion to improve the quality of the paper cut in terms of smooth and straight edges have been proposed.



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