Date of Award

Spring 1968

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Blumenthal, Robert N.

Second Advisor

Wackman, Peter H.

Third Advisor

Hirthe, Walter


Electrochemical cell measurements were made on Ceo2 from 400°c to 950°c using gaseous electrodes consisting of air, oxygen, argon and argon-oxygen mixtures. The cell measurements indicated an ionic transference number ranging from 0.4 at 436°c to 0.22 at 950°c when air and oxygen were used as the electrodes. The ionic transference numbers were lower when the electrode gases used had an oxygen partial pressure lower than that of air. The d.c. electrical conductivity of Ceo2 was also measured at constant composition using a standard four-probe technique. Measurements were made in argon in the temperature region 800°c to 1000°c . Mixtures of carbon monoxidecarbon dioxide corresponding to oxygen partial pressures of 8.37 x 10-11 to 8.37 x 10-15 atm at 1000°C were used to reduce the specimen. The conductivities are approximately an order of magnitude lower than those measured previously by Blumenthal and Laubach. An experimental activation energy of 0.2 +- 0.04 ev was calculated from the slopes of several representative log a vs 1/T plots on the basis of an Arrhenius type relation. No conclusions were made concerning the significance of the experimental activation energy.



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