Date of Award

Summer 1990

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


The problem of developing an advanced closed-loop step-motor controller which is both reliable and highly efficient is addressed by this thesis. The controller changes the phase-energization strategy (lead- and conduction-angles) as a function of velocity and is implementable in real-time. Reliability is incorporated through the use of fault detection and recovery circuits which control multi-mode operation of the step-motor controller. This thesis includes background information on step-motor control and fault-tolerance concepts in Chapter 1. For the reader who is knowledgeable in these areas, Chapter 2 provides a complete description of the overall operation of the controller and can be considered a summary of the information included in this thesis. Chapter 3 describes this operation in greater detail. Chapter 4 is included to help the reader understand the balance between performance and reliability in fault-tolerant systems. The remainder of the thesis describes the verification procedures which were used and the author's conclusions. The appendices are included to provide specific technical details of the controller which are not essential to this thesis but are necessary for future users of this design to understand its operation.



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