Date of Award

Summer 1965

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Moeller, Arthur C.


The subject of investigation in this thesis was suggested by the difficulties encountered in supplying data at a rate adequate to the capabilities of modern digital data processing equipment. The basic intent was to define a device which could compress the input data into a smaller period of time and supply it to the output in real time. An additional requirement upon any device of this type is the need to reverse this process and expand the time required to transmit data. Thus the desired result of this thesis is a device able to increase or decrease the rate of data flow between two external areas. The technique for changing the rate of data flow which has been developed in this thesis involves the use of a recirculating delay line. The method of demonstrating the solution of the data compression problem has involved three basic steps. First is a description of the fundamental approach. The second step is a detailed design of a specific data compression system. Finally, a number of areas of potential usefulness are outlined. The result of the investigations which are the basis for this thesis is a detailed design of a device which can change the rate of data flow between two external areas. Some constraints apply to this rate changing capability, but a number of applications have been blocked out to a level sufficient to show that these constraints are not a fundamental limit in many areas. Finally, every effort has been made to generalize upon the design to a level sufficient to provide a guide line for the design of a data compression system with any desired ratio of compression.



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