Date of Award

Summer 1989

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Fournelle, Raymond A.

Second Advisor

Brantley, W. A.


The study described in this thesis deals mainly with the diffusion bonding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy to NiTi alloy. The aerospace alloy Ti-6Al- 4V has several excellent properties including high strength, corrosion resistance, and bio-compatibility, which make it desirable for surgical implants such as artificial hip joints. However, Ti-6Al-4V implants lose quality fixation with bones because of cement deterioration and fatigue. One method for possibly improving fixation is to clad areas of titanium implants associated with fixation with a layer of NiTi alloy exhibiting the shape memory effect. Appropriate shaping and treatment of the NiTi cladding could then possibly be utilized to improve fixation. The goal of the present investigation is to determine the feasibility of diffusion bonding Ni Ti alloy to Ti-6Al-4V alloy. Bonding specimens consisted of rectangular wires of NiTi alloy sandwiched between two disks of Ti-6Al-4V alloy. These specimens were annealed at various temperature and times in argon to produce bonding conditions between the Ni Ti alloy and the Ti-6Al-4V alloy. Cross sections of the specimens were examined using both scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray analysis to determine the nature of the bond zone. The kinetics of the bonding process were then evaluated based on the interdiffusion of Ni and Ti during annealing.



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