Date of Award

Spring 1964

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The object of this thesis involves the transplantation of the LAF1 mouse mastocytoma from mouse to mouse, the in situ culture of mast cells in the peritoneal fluid of LAF1 mice, and the tissue culture of mast cells from this tumor in Leighton tubes and Cooper dishes. Fragments of tumor tissue, tissue homogenates, and suspensions of cells from tissue culture will be tested for fibrinolytic activity on fibrin plates and in fibrin tubes. Both fresh and frozen tumors will be compared for activity and the effect the length of time the tumor is frozen has on the fibrinolytic activity will be evaluated. The presence or absence of mast cells in the specimens will be verified by sections or smears stained specifically for mast granules with Bismarck Brown. Other tissues from the LAF1 mouse will be evaluated in the same manner in the fresh state, as tissue controls, and a few other tumors will be tested as tumor controls. The chemical substances that are elaborated by this particular tumor will also be checked for fibrinolytic activity. Each specimen, from whatever source, will always have a positive and a negative fibrinolytic control.



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