Date of Award

Spring 1932

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Thesis - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




The marked development of social science instruction during the last decade has emphasized questions pertaining to content and organization of the social studies in elementary and secondary schools. It is the aim of this thesis to bring to the reader a knowledge, as far as possible, of the progress that has been done in recent years in regard to the teaching of the social sciences, namely, economics, sociology and political science, in the elementary and secondary schools and to indicate the modern trend in the teaching of those subjects. For the material used the author has drawn on her own personal experience as a teacher and as an observer in the classroom, on the result of personal research and on information obtained from letters and questionnaires submitted to every state superintendent of public instruction, superintendents of parochial schools and presidents of diocesan school boards, together with a thorough study of the latest courses of study of each state, both public and parochial, and also the latest school laws of each state. A careful survey of the books, magazines articles, reports of bureaus of educational research, bulletins of the United States Bureau of Education, and the publications of educational organizations made possible a broader understanding of the nature and scope of the problem. The writer did not attempt to review the city courses of study and for that reason is cognizant of the fact that the most elaborate and comprehensive courses of study are not included in the survey.



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