Date of Award

Fall 1992

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Karshenas, Saeed

Second Advisor

Murphy, William

Third Advisor

Wenzel, Thomas


In tunnel excavation, soft ground is material which can be removed with reasonable facility using hand tools, even though such tools may not, in fact, be the ones employed. The degree of difficulty of the tunnel excavation and the methods to be employed are chiefly determined by the true comprehension of the subsurface characteristics. The utility of the completed tunnel depends upon its ability to sustain both construction and permanent loading. Tunnel construction shall result in minimal disturbance of or damage to utilities potentially affected by the construction. All of these matters are interdependent and require proper knowledge of subsurface conditions to enable the designer and the contractor to make correct choices and informed decisions. This investigation focuses on geotechnical and geological investigation process, construction techniques and equipment, and ground water control for soft ground tunneling and their applications to the NS-7 project. The investigation will discuss the major claims of the NS-7 project, including causes, and the resolution process in chronological order for each claim.



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