Date of Award

Fall 1970

Document Type

Thesis - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Foshager, Vernon D.

Second Advisor

Nachazel, Delbert P.

Third Advisor

Davies, E. E.


It is generally agreed that the transseptal ligaments play a significant role in limiting the pathway of inflammation from the gingival tissue to the interproximal alveolar bone. These ligaments comprise that group of collagenous fibers which extend from the cementum of one tooth to the cementum of the adjacent tooth. The purpose of this investigation is to provide additional information as to the nature of the fiber bundles and their role in limiting the pathway of inflammation. Special emphasis will be placed on the following aspects: 1. The thickness of the fibers in comparison to the degree of inflammatory infiltrate. 2. The morphology of the interdental papilla in relation to the transseptal fibers. 3. The mode of attachment of transseptal fibers to the hard tooth structure, 4. The histologic character of the transseptal fibers in relation to the degree of tooth contact . The availability of human block sections gives this study merit. The results obtained may provide a better understanding of the nature of transseptal fibers in health and disease.



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