Date of Award

Summer 2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Thompson, Geoffrey

Second Advisor

Domagala, Daniel

Third Advisor

Ziebert, Gerald


Purpose: To compare the dimensional accuracy between master casts fabricated with verification jigs made of acrylic resin and light cure Triad. Materials and Methods: 10 GC Pattern resin Pattern verifications jigs and 10 Triad gel verification jigs fabricated of a master cast of a mandibular model of 4 internal hex implants. A stone base was fabricated for each verification jig. One screw test was used to evaluate the vertical gap at the terminal abutment using a digital micrometer with an accuracy of 1μm to record the vertical gap for each sample. Results: Triad Gel group has the lowest average distortion value which is 27.8 μm and GC Pattern Resin group has an average value of 29.71 μm. There was no statistical significance difference between the two groups (p=.42)Conclusions: The Triad gel jigs did not produce superior fit compared to GC Pattern resin pattern in a master cast with four implants and with an internal connection.