Date of Award

Summer 2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Voglewede, Philip A.

Second Advisor

Nagurka, Mark L.

Third Advisor

Slaboch, Brian J.


Currently, there is a demand for mechanisms with variable topology that can perform multiple tasks with the least amount of actuators. These devices have the ability to provide numerous motion profiles within one device. In the following thesis, a specific planar reconfigurable mechanism with a kinematic reconfigurable joint was mathematically modeled. This mechanism functions as a RRRP mechanism in one configuration and as a RRRR in the other and is known as a RRRR-RRRP Mechanism. The kinematics and kinetics of the RRRR-RRRP Mechanism were analyzed with a Lagrangian approach. The models are simulated and verified using a trajectory planner and control system. In order to verify the effectiveness of the models, a prototype driven by a geared DC motor was constructed. The RRRR-RRRP Mechanism was experimentally tested by changing the starting position and velocity. The experimental angular position of each joint on the Mechanism was compared to the model’s position analysis. The error was found to be in an acceptable range. The resulting models can be used to improve RRRR-RRRP Mechanism design and analysis. A suite of design tools was created based on the previously generated models.