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Marquette University, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Task three of the Perpetual Pavement Instrumentation Plan for the Marquette Interchange Project called for the installation of the various pavement sensors, data acquisition system, and various other components of the system outlined in the project proposal. The MU-TRC research team has successfully completed the installation of these various components of the system. This report fulfills the requirement of the installation report from task three in the project plan. This report is organized to describe in detail each specific component of the system. Most, but not all, of these details are written in the order they were completed.

Not every activity described in this report is associated with the installation of a particular component but have been included because they are thought to have a significant impact on the methodologies and procedures used. This report is intended to describe the installation processes in as much detail as possible. To help accomplish this, many figures, pictures, data, and video were acquired / developed; many of which have obviously been filtered out and only the most pertinent included. All of this material will be compiled into a single archive and will be submitted to WHRP.

This report was also written to explain and document any blunders, failures, and/or deviations from any proposed designs regarding this particular project or the Marquette Interchange project itself. These types of details are given so future research can learn from these experiences and make improvements upon them.


Marquette Interchange Installation Report. Milwaukee, WI, Marquette University, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (2006).