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Technical Report

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Marquette University, Transportation Research Center


For the past several years, Marquette University has been conducting a research study for WisDOT on tining patterns to reduce the objectionable tire/pavement whine. During the research study, WisDOT issued Construction Notes to implement the interim results of the research rather than tine the pavement according to Subsection 415. of the Standard Specifications.

In the completed study, Marquette University has determined that a skewed, randomly spaced, transversely tined surface results in the lowest levels of pavement whine while retaining the favorable friction characteristics achieved under the current specifications. The overall noise level is not reduced by skewed randomly tined surfaces.

The research study wasn’t completed in time to include the recommended tining requirements in the bidding documents for 2001 construction projects. However, Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association (WCPA) members are aware of the findings of the research study. All WCPA member contractors are intending to use the randomly spaced tining rake, meeting the study recommendations, during the 2001 construction season.

Therefore, WisDOT is implementing the research study recommendations on randomly spaced rake for the 2001 construction season with this Construction Note.


2001 WisDOT Specifications - Construction Note. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Marquette University, Transportation Research Center (2001). Used with permission.


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