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Technical Report

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Marquette University, Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

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WisDOT SPR # 0092-45-59


This report covers Phase II of a three-phase pooled-fund project in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, to determine the perception/satisfaction levels of the driving public and how they correlate with the states’ physical data bases used to determine priorities for pavement improvements on rural, two-lane highways.

In Phase I, six focus groups were conducted in each state to determine the beliefs and issues about pavements that could be used to draft statewide questionnaires. Focus groups were held during the last half of 1996 in all three states. From the focus groups, a language used by the public to describe and differentiate ruts, grooves, tining and other pavement characteristics was developed so that the Phase II telephone surveys could help explain terms when needed.

Phase II began in late 1996, involving a lengthy process to arrive at a questionnaire that satisfied all three states. Phase II consisted of a statewide telephone survey of at least 400 randomly- selected drivers 18 years or older in each of the three states. Actual pretests of the statewide surveys occurred in early fall, 1997, with approximately 30 to 40 surveys in each state. The three statewide surveys were administered in Fall, 1997, and completed in mid December, 1997 in Wisconsin, and early January, 1998. Comprehensive analysis of the data has been underway since then.


Public Perceptions of the Midwest’s Pavements - Minnesota - Phase II. Milwaukee, WI (2001).


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