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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




Vergil, the Latin poet who has had more influence on literature throughout the ages than any other Latin writer, was born in 70 B.C . He lived during the reign of Augustus Caesar, which was a time of peace and great prosperity. Augustus, in furtherance of his country's prosperity, encouraged literature and raised it to a standard previously unknown in Roman history. Vergil, then, wrote under very favorable circumstances. This era which produced so much culture fostered three philosophies which naturally influenced all the writers of the time. It is only reasonable to suppose that Vergil was affected by one of them and that this is true is borne out in his works . The three philosophies were Epicureanism, Platonism and Stoicism. Their effects upon the writings of the time were about equal . Among the followers of Epicurus was Lucretius, a famous Latin poet, of whom Vergil was a great admirer and in some respects a follower. It is natural then that Vergil should have been interested in the same philosophy which Lucretius followed as will be shown. Vergil himself admitted bis faith in the Epicurean doctrines in a youthful poem which he entitled "Vergil abandons other studies and embraces the Epicurean philosophy."


A Thesis submitted partially to fulfill the requirements for The Degree of Bachelor of Arts

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