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Bachelor of Arts (BA)




In our thesis on freedom of the will it is necessary to select a meaning that will make the issue clear, unambiguous and sharply joined. Our discussion will be of no value if the term "freedom of the will" is not clearly understood. The method employed will be to define the term •freedom", the term "will" and then the combined issue "freedom of the will". The purpose of this form will be to clearly enunciate the terms of the proposition, thus offering a com non meeting ground for the discussion. "Freedom" is defined as an absence from any factor, the strength of which will force an action to be performed in one definite manner; it is an absence from any compulsion, which compulsion forces an act to be done or not to be done in a certain way . An example of freedom thus defined is the capability of a man to jump over a three foot hurdle; an example of a lack of freedom is the inability of man to jump forty feet; for the laws of gravitation force him to remain within a few feet of the ground. Plant life possesses spontaneous freedom. Flowers. trees, and shrubbery ·are free to expand and grow within prescribed limits. Upon attaining a definite height, commensurate with the nature of their species, the freedom of growth ceases, but cessation of freedom does not disprove the plant is freedom to grow, rather it apathy illustrates this type of freedom. In the process of growth there is an absence of compulsion, but upon their attainment of height the law of gravitation and the strength of the plant forces the law of gravitation and the strength of the plant forces it to stop growth.


A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the College of Liberal· Arts, Marquette University in Partial Fulfillment far the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

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