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Bachelors Essay

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


The economic well being of any person, family, or social group is a vital factor which influences every apparent activity of their existence. At the same time, this financial status plays an important part in determining the mental .outlooks and ultimate status of both the individual and the organization. This monetary determination is peculiar to Western civilization, with the American people probably leading in the emphasis upon financial position. The goal set up and considered as. success- seems to be the acquisition of a fortune, with happiness in life, family considerations, or philanthropic endeavor regarded as secondary .and worthy of pursuit only after the position of affluence has been attained. Such a philosophy of life has inevitably resulted in the stratification upon an economic level which is so prevalent all about us. The positions of trust, of political control, of leadership have, as a result of our thinking and activities, become so difficult to reach that they are necessarily filled, for the most part, by persons who, have had prestige and resources helping in the rise to success. Indeed, the possession of riches does have an important role in determining the life of a man of today. But let us not condemn this situation, with our first glance at the present conditions. There is much in the modern world's demands for achievement, ability, alertness, and professional skill which has caused the scientific and intellectual progress which has been so great within the past two centuries. Even the capitalistic system itself is the best solution to our economic needs and seems to be the only hope for world sanity, in view of the failures of our European neighbors in all of the experiments with other financial schemes. But with this system of regulating assets in effect, we find that there is a very definite need for the curbing of the activities of the strong and the wealthy, lest in their strivings for power they make their way by sacrificing the poorer classes. The millions who have not reached the American Olympus through the possession of a manufacturing plant, a brokerage account, a suburban mansion, membership in three clubs, and a 1937 Cadillac, must be given some legal methods whereby their interests will be adequately protected. The only practical way of doing this seems to be through the passage of adequate social legislation, particularly laws safeguarding the ordinary man in his working relations with his employer.


A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the College of Liberal Arts, Marquette University, In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy