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American Society for Cell Biology

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Molecular Biology of the Cell

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doi: 10.1091/mbc.E06-10-0925; PubMed Central, PMCID: PMC1855041


The yeast Oxa1 protein is involved in the biogenesis of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) machinery. The involvement of Oxa1 in the assembly of the cytochrome oxidase (COX) complex, where it facilitates the cotranslational membrane insertion of mitochondrially encoded COX subunits, is well documented. In this study we have addressed the role of Oxa1, and its sequence-related protein Cox18/Oxa2, in the biogenesis of the F1Fo-ATP synthase complex. We demonstrate that Oxa1, but not Cox18/Oxa2, directly supports the assembly of the membrane embedded Fo-sector of the ATP synthase. Oxa1 was found to physically interact with newly synthesized mitochondrially encoded Atp9 protein in a posttranslational manner and in a manner that is not dependent on the C-terminal, matrix-localized region of Oxa1. The stable manner of the Atp9-Oxa1 interaction is in contrast to the cotranslational and transient interaction previously observed for the mitochondrially encoded COX subunits with Oxa1. In the absence of Oxa1, Atp9 was observed to assemble into an oligomeric complex containing F1-subunits, but its further assembly with subunit 6 (Atp6) of the Fo-sector was perturbed. We propose that by directly interacting with newly synthesized Atp9 in a posttranslational manner, Oxa1 is required to maintain the assembly competence of the Atp9-F1-subcomplex for its association with Atp6.


Published version. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Vol. 18, No. 5 (May 2007): 1897-1908. DOI. © 2007 American Society for Cell Biology. Used with permission.

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