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Nucleic Acids Research

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doi: 10.1093/nar/28.6.1465


Approximately 6000 specific DNA deletion events occur during development of the somatic macronucleus of the ciliate Tetrahymena. The eliminated Tlr1 element is 13 kb or more in length and has an 825 bp inverted repeat near the rearrangement junctions. A functional analysis of the cis-acting sequences required for Tlr1 rearrangement was performed. A construct consisting of the entire inverted repeat and several hundred base pairs of flanking DNA on each side was rearranged accurately in vivo and displayed junctional variability similar to the chromosomal Tlr1 rearrangement. Thus, 11 kb or more of internal element DNA is not required in cis for DNA rearrangement. A second construct with only 51 bp of Tetrahymena DNA flanking the right junction underwent aberrant rearrangement. Thus, a signal for determination of the Tlr1 junction is located in the flanking DNA, 51 bp or more from the right junction. Within the Tlr1 inverted repeat are 19 bp tandem repeats. A construct with the 19mer repeat region deleted from the right half of the inverted repeat utilized normal rearrangement junctions. Thus, despite its transposon-like structure, Tlr1 is similar to other DNA rearrangements in Tetrahymena in possessing cis-acting sequences outside the deleted DNA.


Published version. Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 28, No. 6 (2000): 1465-1472. DOI. © 2000 Oxford University Press. Used with permission.

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