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Nature Cell Biology

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DOI: 10.1038/s41556-023-01128-6


Effective protein quality control (PQC), essential for cellular health, relies on spatial sequestration of misfolded proteins into defined inclusions. Here we reveal the coordination of nuclear and cytoplasmic spatial PQC. Cytoplasmic misfolded proteins concentrate in a cytoplasmic juxtanuclear quality control compartment, while nuclear misfolded proteins sequester into an intranuclear quality control compartment (INQ). Particle tracking reveals that INQ and the juxtanuclear quality control compartment converge to face each other across the nuclear envelope at a site proximal to the nuclear–vacuolar junction marked by perinuclear ESCRT-II/III protein Chm7. Strikingly, convergence at nuclear–vacuolar junction contacts facilitates VPS4-dependent vacuolar clearance of misfolded cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins, the latter entailing extrusion of nuclear INQ into the vacuole. Finding that nuclear–vacuolar contact sites are cellular hubs of spatial PQC to facilitate vacuolar clearance of nuclear and cytoplasmic inclusions highlights the role of cellular architecture in proteostasis maintenance.


Accepted version. Nature Cell Biology, Vol. 25 (May 2023): 699-713. DOI. © Nature Publishing Group (Macmillan Publishers Limited). Used with permission.

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