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Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions

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Journal of Allied Health

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This paper describes a pilot interdisciplinary experience between the dental hygiene and medical technology programs at Marquette University. It was designed, in part, to familiarize dental hygiene students with the medical technology profession. Comments solicited from students on the final evaluation form indicated that this pilot project was highly successful and met the objectives. Affective, multiple-choice questions on pretests and posttests showed a positive change in attitude, but this change was not statistically significant. Possible reasons for this are discussed. Benefits of this pilot project were an improved understanding of medical technology on the part of the dental hygiene students, enhanced interdepartmental communication, and plans to develop a reciprocal interdisciplinary experience for the medical technology students. It is hoped that this pilot project will serve as a stimulus for similar experiences among other health science programs.


Published version. Journal of Allied Health, Vol. 15, No. 1 (February 1986): 33-42. Publisher link. © 1986 Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions. Used with permission.