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Spring 1996

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




My acquaintance with Luther goes back a number of years. When I first attended seminary, I was confronted with a set of doctrinal convictions that I had misgivings over. Luther became a partner in dialogue in this issue, helping me clarify my thoughts on the subject. This placed me in his debt. Later, this acquaintance with Luther became an alliance. I took up a study of Luther's sacramental theology which changed my view of the Gospel. My evangelical background began to open out onto new territory. This proved all the more true when I enrolled at Luther Northwestern to hear what Lutherans might say about Luther The motivation for this study, other than the debt of gratitude I owe Luther, came as the result of a series of lectures given by Kenneth Hagen. These studies told of a Luther I had not known. They described Luther as a Catholic creedal theologian, who stood in continuity with his medieval heritage. I still remember the astonishment of learning that Luther held to an ancient and patristic approach to Scripture that paid special attention to the vocabulary of. Scripture and the grammar of faith. The glimpse of Luther given was fresh, coming directly from the earliest manuscripts. All of this encouraged me to get to know this Luther, who has made me feel at home at a Catholic University.



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