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Fall 2001

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




The department Farrell founded became a model for those that followed, causing a ripple effect in the practice of teaching and the organization of school systems across the United States. Further, Farrell's involvement in professional organizations such as the Council for Exceptional Children and the New York State Psychological Association established the basis for a special education professional network, still in existence---and thriving-- today. Although a few short biographical pieces on Farrell are available, and she is referenced in numerous journal articles in the area of special education history, there has been no detailed account of Farrell's life and accomplishments. Relying on archival materials from the Council for Exceptional Children and Teachers College, as well as information provided by family, members, universities, and colleagues, this investigation details Farrell's personal history and work in the area of special needs. It is hoped that this work contributes to that knowledge base.

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