Date of Award

Spring 1979

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dupuis, Adrian

Second Advisor

Beck, Carlton E.

Third Advisor

Ivanoff, John


Because of the multi-disciplinary breadth of his works, it is surprising to find that Karl Marx had never written a single essay specifically on the subject of education, although his views and comments on the subject were sparsely located in several passages throughout the literature. A consequence of these limited discussions of education in his works was that there had not yet been a thorough and systematic examination of Marx's works specifically for the purpose of delineating his philosophy of education. The purpose of this study is to reconstruct Karl Marx's philosophy of education which led to his explicit suggestions for educational practice in communist society. What specifically did Marx say about education? What, in fact, was his philosophy of education? The primary research is directed at these basic questions. The specific objectives of the study are as follows: l) the documentation, textual commentary, and analysis of Karl Marx's explicit writings and comments on education; 2) the systematic examination of the underlying philosophical premises of his educational doctrine; and, 3) the reconstruction of his philosophy of education. To accomplish the objectives of the study an historical methodology is utilized in the textual analysis of Marx's works. The research is divided into four historical periods. The first period, from 1818-42, focuses upon Marx's early life and educational experiences. The second period, 1842-44, include,s Marx's writings and correspondence associated with his early career in journalism. In this period Marx's ideas on education appeared in the polemical context of discussions of religion and politics. In the third period, 1844-48, in which Marx began to develop his materialist conception of history and his critical analysis of political economy, he also established the philosophical and theoretical premises of his later educational doctrines. In the last period of the study, 1848 and after, associated with his political activities and efforts in organizing the working classes, most of Marx's specific comments and suggestions for communist education are found...



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