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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Paul Byrne


We have taken as subject of this dissertation only two groups of the many marginal notes of Martin Luther to the Sentences of Peter Lombard. These marginal notes of Luther were composed in 1509-10 while Luther lectured on the Sentences at Erfurt university. In the course of these lectures, as an Augustinian Friar, he made marginal notes in the monastery volume of the Sentences. This volume survived, was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century, and the notes themselves--without the text of the Sentences, it should be noted--were published in 1893 in volume nine of the Weimar edition of Luther's works. The remaining four chapters of this general introduction, which forms the first part of the dissertation, provide detailed information about Luther's life to this date, the text of the notes, the Sentences of Peter Lombard, and the general characteristics of the notes and their theology. These notes, along with some similar and contemporaneous marginal to a few works of St. Augustine, represent the earliest theological writings of Martin Luther and manifest the first indications of his theological thought and development.



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