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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Joseph J. Barboriak

Second Advisor

James M. Fujimoto

Third Advisor

Deane N. Calvert

Fourth Advisor

John J. Lech

Fifth Advisor

Harold P. Hardman


Recently, it has been suggested that ethanol may also enhance the drug-metabolizing enzyme system (Rubin and Lieber, 1968) and that enhancement of this enzyme system by other inducers may increase ethanol metabolism (Wooles and Weymouth, 1968). The role of the microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme system in ethanol metabolism has been complicated by recent reports that ethanol is metabolized by a separate, microsomal enzyme system specific for this agent (Lieber and DeCarli, 1968). Since agents which enhance ethanol metabolism may be of considerable practical importance and the reported findings to this effect were of an acute nature, we decided to investigate whether and to what extent a long-term administration of some of the inducers of the microsomal drug-metabolizing enzyme system affects ethanol metabolism, be it by the conventional drug-metabolizing enzyme system or by the already mentioned specific microsomal pathway.



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