Paul Schapker

Date of Award


Document Type

Dissertation - Restricted

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Educational Policy and Leadership

First Advisor

A.M. Dupuis

Second Advisor

Peter M. Collins

Third Advisor

Frank L. Steeves

Fourth Advisor

Roman A. Bernert


Education as a most essential vehicle to achieve Communist construction and the new Soviet man is just as apparent today as it was upon the founding of the Soviet State over fifty years ago. many changes in educational development and organization have taken place since that time, but the underlying premise has remained the same -- that society is in the process of being transformed and that all Soviet youth should be mobilized to participate in this transformation. To Stalin, this transformation was basically economic as specialists were called upon to implement a sophisticated national economy designed to catch up with those of the Western countries. Thus, Stalin's world view focused upon the Soviet Union's immediate security and development within a hostile world. Once the basic task of industrialization had been accomplished, it was Khrushchev who sought to achieve a greater degree of ideological consistency with the tenets of Marx and Lenin, thus heralding a radical change in the educational institutions created to usher in the new society.




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