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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Social and Cultural Sciences

First Advisor

A.F. Frumveller

Second Advisor

James M. O'Gorman


Social-Psychology, as a science apart from Sociology, has gone through a period of rapid development since the comparatively recent recognition that an accurate knowledge of the human mind and its modes of operation is fundamental for a successful development of the social sciences, such as ethics, economics, political sciences, philosophy of history, sociology and cultural anthropology and more especially religion, law and education. The failure of Psychology to receive earlier recognition from students of the social sciences, was due, in large part, to its own deficiencies, particularly in the attitude toward the very material with which it was concerned. Before Psychology could prove of value for students of society, it had to place itself in a position in relation to the social sciences, where it could study the sources of human activities, those impulses and motives that sustain mental and bodily activity and regulate conduct and not merely concern itself with mental and physical processes of conscious states.



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