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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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J. William Rooney

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David Gardinier

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Alfred Low

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Michael Phayer

Fifth Advisor

Thomas Hachey


This study will investigate the foreign policy of Louis Philippe's government in the period 1830 -3 2, In particular, the armed military and naval interventions in Belgium Italy, and Portugal will be the focuses of the work. Rather than providing a narrative of diplomat! events in Europe for this period or a detailed discussion of the military events surrounding each intervention, this enquiry will primarily explore the decision making process of the French government leading to these interventions and the consequences of that policy. I shall contend that through a foreign policy of limited intervention and Conference diplomacy, Louis Philippe's government successfully changed the Vienna settlement and once again ma e France an integral part of the European order. Henceforth, if the principal signatories of the Vienna treaties wanted to maintain peace, they would have to accommodate French interests on the Continent.




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