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This paper is a look into the issues that public and self-stigma’s cause for higher education counseling centers. The study took shape when I faced my own issues with anxiety and when an important discussion with a friend showed me that mental health issues are not isolated and that there are others who suffer. The conversation brought me to the realization, however, that there must be something the can be fixed in Marquette University’s Counseling Center (MUCC) if others like myself are struggling but not reaching out. This drove me into a qualitative study where I conducted interviews, did scholarly research, and analyzed my observational field notes from three higher education counseling center websites—Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Loyola University Chicago. From the mixed methodology of resources, I gathered that there is an issue with MUCC’s counseling center and how it reaches out to its students.

Publication Date

Spring 2017


higher education, mental health issues, counseling, anxiety, depression, stigma, barriers, shame, stress, judgment, counselor, relationship, depression, student, college, higher education, negative, attitudes, fear, outreach, help-seeking behavior, treatment, emotions, public stigma, social stigma

Seeking Help, Feeling Shame: An Alternative to Marquette University’s Counseling Center’s Outreach