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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Roman A. Bernert

Second Advisor

Ella C. Clark


Prior to 1957, television as an instructional aid, was relatively unknown to the Milwaukee Public School System. In 1957-1958, however, the school system became a member of the national experiment in instructional television initiated by the Fund For the Advancement of Education known as The National Program in the Use of Television in the Public Schools. Studies were made by the school system to determine the effectiveness of television as a teaching aid. The results of the studies can be found in The Milwaukee Experiment in Instructional Television: Evaluation Report.1 The studies showed that television could be an effective teaching aid in the schools. At the end of the three year study, the Board of School Directors at its May 5th meeting gave approval to develop an elementary program to be telecast to all elementary schools. The lessons would be in the fields of science, music, art and physical education.