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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Edward DeRoche


No task of the principal is as important as that of staffing classrooms and other special positions. It is obvious that in great measure the quality of the education experience students receive will depend on how good their teachers are. In addition there must be enough good teachers that all students receive the individual attention they require to meet their individual needs. By this the writer does not mean that the quality and quantity of the professional staff are the only guide lines for good schools. The availability and appropriateness of materials with which teachers and students work, the extensiveness and up-to-dateness of equipment, the school's plant, the efficiency of administrative plans to free teachers to perform their professional tasks, and the regard of the school as an institution existing for human beings (both staff and students) as persons are other important elements in quality education. But basic to all these remains the quality of the teachers and the adequacy of their numbers.