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Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



First Advisor

Louise M. Schmitt

Second Advisor

Marjorie F. Snyder


Growth in service is a concept which goes with true professionalization.1 Society expects the professional person to keep abreast of his specialty, and his work, as a member of a profession is judged by his knowledge of developments in his particular field.2 The medical doctor and the dentist must know the latest techniques and drugs, and they must keep up through such means as professional journals, study groups, and experimentation. Architects and engineers must know of new building materials and the latest designs of machines, while the lawyer has to follow the changes in law that come about either through legislation or judicial decision. Likewise the professional soldier is constantly being sent through new training programs to keep informed on the late word in tactics and weapons. One of the characteristics of a professional person is that of constantly working to increase his knowledge and skill in his area of specialization.3 This fact bas particular pertinence for the health professions.