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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Edward DeRoche

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Glenn E. Jagatz


Different approaches to discipline are based on different assumptions about the nature of man. These assumptions deal with the question of whether man is l)asically good or evil. One approach assumes that the child is born bad . The role of the teacher under this approach is to make him good . A second approach states that the child is born good. This approach does not adequately explain what has happened to corrupt people who subsequently corrupt the child, since they themselves were once children. The role of the teacher from the perspective of this approach is to avoid corrupting the child's nature. Within this approach there are some psychologists who focus on why the child exhibits bad behaviors. They emphasize the importance of the chronological development of a person in order to explain his present deportments. There is a never ending spiral in which high school teachers blame elementary school teachers, who blame parents , who blame their own parents and teachers, etc. A third approach assumes that the child is born neither good nor bad but rather neutral, and that all behaviors are learned, The role of the teacher in this approach is to facilitate the learning by the student of certain desirable behaviors.