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The purpose of this paper is to explore Moran's understanding of revelation in his two major writings on the subject: The Theology of Revelation, published in 1966, and The Present Revelation, published six years later in 1972. 2 Moran's other writings will also be considered where they add to the analysis of revelation in the two primary works. There is a basic continuity throughout Moran's writings, a desire to highlight the experiential meaningfulness of revelation and thus its character as an event in present experience. But this continuing concern to defend the present meaningfulness of revelation forces Moran to an apparent change of thinking in his later works. This shift in thought from the early to the later works can be summarized in four topics. His theory of revelation moves from 1. a theological to a pre-theological base, 2. a Christocentric to a universal focus, 3. the relational character of a historical revelation to the relational character of being, 4. normative historical revelation to normative human experience, I intend to explore each of these topics in turn before presenting my own critical reflections.