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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


In 1970, a new model of data base technology was proposed by IBM researcher E.F. Codd. The proposed architecture, called the "relational model", stressed the use of two mathematical concepts: sets and relations. Quite simply, a data base can be viewed as a collection of sets (files) upon which certain relations (operations) can be applied to impose and recover the information contained therein. Since its introduction, the relational idea has been refined and implemented in a number of different data base systems. Although it is by no means the most popularly used data base architecture, its potential future impact upon data base technologies may be overwhelming. Equally affected by such a change in technology will be the high level language constructs which will provide the interface between a relational data base and a host language (i.e., a programming language such as PL/1, FORTRAN, COBOL, etc.).

This paper surveys the most recently proposed and/or implemented data sublanguages which, when fit into a host language, could provide the proper communicational interface to a relational data base subsystem (data base manager, data base subroutines, etc.).