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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Edward DeRoche


The path of education is ever ancient and ever new. Who has the infallible answers as to how, when or where Johnny is to learn? How many days and hours are necessary to complete the task at hand?

If we look at the history of education and its present state, we know that educators have, indeed, worked hard in seeking the answers only to find themselves confronted with mystery. One writer expressed this ever so clearly when he said, "Education is an experiment and by its nature an incomplete one."

Today a new and yet old trend, the Extended School Year, or ESY as it will be referred to in this paper, is coming to the fore and this time with great force. As will be seen in the following chapter, this is not a new concept in education. A large number of feasibility studies have been conducted throughout the United States, especially in the last seven years, with a small number of districts actually moving into one of the various ESY Programs.