Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Sherman H. Wu

Second Advisor

James A. Heinen

Third Advisor

Thomas A. Doerr


The Winchester technology, in some way, is similar to conventional hard-disk drives. However, Winchester drives have a number of advantages over conventional hard-disk drives. First, they are low cost both in absolute terms and in terms of cost per bit of storage capacity. In addition, the sealed environment of the head-to-disk assembly produces extremely high reliability with MTBF (meantime between failure) figures quoted in excess of 10,000 hours.

Winchester disk drives maintenance. This is very also require no preventive important to owners of small, inexpensive computer systems who wish to have the capability associated with removable-media hard disks without the attendant maintenance and expense.