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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




Hitler's determination to take land in the east [Drach nach Ostern and Lebensraum] brought about the "Czech Crisis" on September 29, 1938. In the introduction Hitler's position will be presented as in a setting of a drama or tragedy [like Hamlet]. Also in the introduction England's foreign policy toward Czechoslovakia and Germany will be given-to complete the picture of the various actors in the tragedy. Germany, England, France, and Czechoslovakia are the main countries we will deal with in this momentous crisis.

Chapter two-the Munich Pact will deal with the direct problems in the Czech Crisis. In this chapter we will try to explain the Allied position of appeasement. We will presume the readers are aware of the economic and military position of England and France during the middle 1930's-as a result of World War I and the Great Depression. This apathy in the Western democracy will show clearly the setting Hitler needed in the acquisition of the Sudetenland. The actual negotiations between German diplomats and English ones-are our conclusion to this undigested misfortune of the Munich Agreement.